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Goetia 2

2019 teaser – Goetia 2 announcement

Goetia 2: welcome to Venice, Italy

What’s more romantic than a weekend in Venice, even for italians?
A quest to get back to your love ones perhaps, where you could loose both your soul & your body.

Daphné & Luca just landed in their appartment when they are suddenly pulled apart.
Awaken as a pure spirit, Luca will need to find his way out of a new demon’ scheme, keep his sanity in a twisted Venice, and get back to his body – and his life. All this with a sweet whisperer on his shoulder – a demon with his own motives.

May Luca’s rational mind be strong enough to succeed.

Buer Goetia 2

Two! Two all for myself, what a delectable happenstance.
What a thrilling adventure it will be, it has been so long, so long! I might even have forgotten how good it is.
One, two, one, two, who will it be, one… two. You. Luca, it is.
Dear soul, let us begin…

– Buer


Goetia series has something in common: in this point-and-click adventure, you act as a pure (kind of) living soul.
And what happens when you do not have pockets? No inventory.

Rack your brains and keep an open mind: everything can help, from the notes to the decor. Above all, your actions in some rooms may have consequences elsewhere. And there’s a lot of “elsewheres” in Venice – especially when it’s the demons’ version of it.
And as it’s Goetia, there’s a lot of rooms too.

The gameplay stays true to the first opus:

No inventory

Luca awakens as a pure spirit.
How could he grab objects and keep them for later.

Instead of the classic inventory system, Goetia is all about posessing objects to move them around.

A wall? What wall?

Spirits walk through walls, it is know. As well as ceilings and floors. There’s no place you won’t be able to reach, unless something (someone?) stops you.

Or if you wander around posessing an object.

Choose your path

They are 5 different areas to explore in Goetia. You will start by the archives, and then be able to choose among 2 new places.
By exploring a bit more and succeding in your quest, you will then discover 2 new zones, and start by the one you want.

When all areas are discovered, you can go back to any room, anytime, to solve puzzles, gather more intel or just enjoy your walk freely.

Get stronger

During your quest, you will find some special capacities that will allow you to understand and see more of this strange Venice.

But beware: as appealing they might be, getting these powers also means you’re getting maybe a bit too comfy in this world where you shouldn’t belong.


city to (re)discover


zones to explore


(almost) new characters to meet


rooms to investigate

A project under development

The development started in the last trimester of 2019, with a core team of 3: Thibaut, art director & co-founder of Moeity, Lucie, narrative designer & co-founder of Moeity, and Antonio, developer & freelance.

New talents joined the adventure since then: developers, animators, musician, illustrator…

Goetia 2 is inspired by a very talented & multicultural team from all around the world, from France to Mexico!

Release date will be announced later.

More about Goetia, first of the name, released in 2016 here.