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2016 gameplay teaser – Goetia 1

The story of Goetia, first of the name

Blackwood family is an old english lineage. For generations, it has been driven by curiosity: knowledge, reflection, excellence were the pillars of education, and no boy or girl born in Blackwood Manor could avoid it. Abigail is no exception. She has been raised in the end of the 19th century, by her father and her tutoress, following the precepts of the family. But for the Blackwood, everything is worth studying… even the most unusual and controversial branches of science.

When she died in 1902, she had no idea she would come back, 39 years later, in her childhood manor. Confused by her spectral appearance, she is now seeking for answers in the old house and its surroundings.

It is 1941. War is coming, and Blackwood Manor is empty. Abigail’s parents and sister are missing, and the air is filled with anxiety and anger. Who is living here? What happened to everyone? Why has Abigail come back among the living? And what is this Goetia that seems to be the key to understanding all this nonsense?

Goetia 1 Abigail ghost

Ruins of Oakmarsh punctuate emptiness and absence, as vanishes ellipses – and a curtain of dust has fallen on what was once a quiet village near Coventry.
Why did Oakmarsh bleed to death?
Look beyond the village limits; see the walls of Blackwood manor. Behind its gates, silence has a different taste: icy, metallic, faint – but never standing still.

I am Abigail Blackwood, raised and deceased here. I missed the 39 last years of this story, but somebody is obviously keen to see me lifting the veil on Oakmarsh mysteries – and on the Blackwood’s downsides.

– Abigail Blackwood.

Goetia, released in 2016

Goetia annoucement for the Kickstarter campain, 2016

After a successful Kickstarter campain, Goetia was published in April 2016 on PC / Mac / Linux (here on GOG & Steam) but also smartphones (iOS & Android), and received a very warm welcome from both press & fans.
The game was later brought on consoles: Nintendo Switch and PS4. It is available in english, french, and even japonese.

Project development

Goetia is an original idea of Thibaut Romaggi, known as Moeity as a freelancer at that time.
Goetia started as a collaboration with him & Sushee, a french independant video game studio based in Brittany. During the project, Thibaut integrated Sushee as Art director & Partner, and led the graphic team on this project and other ones.

Goetia 1 was the first published game supported by Square Enix Collective, in partnership with the publisher Forever Entertainment.

Since then. Sushee has unfortunately closed its doors in 2019. And Moeity evolved to by an independant studio of its own in 2021..


With Goetia, we wanted to bring back the feeling of satisfaction brought by the solving of a challenging puzzle, and the growing excitement as the story unravels. But we also wanted to create a slightly different experience.
In a traditional point & click, your main reward is the storyline: your goal is to learn more about the plot and the characters. With Goetia, you will of course be part of a story, but exploration will be rewarded as well as puzzle-solving. Also, keep this in mind: a disembodied being doesn’t interact with our world as mere mortals do.

Here are a few features that will change the way you play Goetia:

No inventory

Remember: Abigail is a ghost.
How could she grab objects and keep them for later?

Instead of the classic inventory system, we imagined a way to move objects by possessing them, which means you will become the object you want to take with you, until you release it and let it fall to the ground.

We’re sure you’ve always dreamed to be a candle holder.

A wall? What wall?

Ghosts walk through walls, it is known. You don’t have a key for that door? No problem. You’ll also be able to go through ceilings and floors, and get to rooms unattainable to mere mortals. Until you need to bring an object in that specific room, at least.

Therefore, you will play at two different levels:

  • As a ghost, you will delve into the manor, the forest or the village to look for clues.
  • As an object, you will try to interact with your environment – combine what you possess with another item, or simply use it.
Choose your path

There are four distinct zones to explore in Goetia, not including Blackwood Manor itself.
After a short introduction to the story, you’ll soon be able to leave the house and choose where your search for answers will begin.

Later in the game, if you don’t find the solution of a given puzzle, you’ll be able to go back on your tracks and choose to solve another enigma. At any moment.

Alternate puzzle solutions

Some special/optional capacities will be hidden in the manor and its surroundings – allowing you, for example, to see an object owner’s last thoughts and actions, by possessing it. Sometimes it will just reveal something about the story or the protagonists. Sometimes, it will give you a clue, allowing you to discover an alternate (and easier) way to solve a particular enigma.

But beware. Those powers might be hard to find.

The starting point of a series

Goetia 2. was announced late 2019.

This is a new project with brand new characters & story, and a new development team. But it keeps what made Goetia unique: the world, the gameplay, and the core team with Thibaut Romaggi as Art director & Lucie Piriou as Narrative designer.

Release date will be annouced later.