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About Moeity

Moeity is an independant video game studio based in Grenoble, France.

Moeity creates indie video games such as Goetia 2, a point-and-click adventure game, TBA. Few other projects in drafts.

Created in 2021, the studio gathers the experiences of its two co-founders:

  • Thibaut Romaggi, Art director
    Creator of Goetia 1 & Goetia 2, ex-partner in a former french independant video game studio, he led graphic teams on several published games such as Goetia and another licensed game.
    Thibaut Romaggi is art director & project manager at Moeity.

    Available for: Project management | Game design | 2D environment art | Concept art
    Linkedin | Twitter | Instagram | Direct email

  • Lucie Piriou, Narrative designer
    Author and Narrative designer on Goetia 1 & Goetia 2, also worked as freelancer on another published licensed game for the same indie studio.
    Lucie Piriou is narrative designer & communication manager at Moeity.

    Available for: Narrative design | Marketing management | Business dev | Content production
    Linkedin | Twitter | Instagram | Direct email
Moeity video games co-founders

Thibaut & Lucie also imagine, design and write your own stories.
For any inquiry regarding Art direction, Game design, Narrative design or Marketing, feel free to reach the studio anytime.