Liz – Elizabeth – is a creature the size of a continent, living on an Earth-like planet imagined by Greg Bear in his novel Legacy. I’ve been quite influenced by this curious – nearly childish – and huge creature, so I decided to imagine how she would look like.

Obviously, it turned out to be something more personal, and the story about those photographs is different now (I won’t tell, but you can imagine the one you like most !).

Liz---Ajmee_1024 Liz X - Haven_s Liz VIII - Element_s Liz VII - Ombrelles_s Liz VI - Reach Out_s Liz V - Old Mill_s Liz IX - Lorelei (Ascendancy)_s Liz IV - Steel Cathedral_s Liz III - Moonrise (reprise)_s Liz II - Moonrise Road_s Liz I - Tempete_s